Grants Awarded

Community Grants Awarded in 2016

Elizabeth A Hudspeth Fund

Action Pathways (2nd Harvest) Food Bank was awarded $10,000 for the 2nd Saturday Produce Market. This project provides produce and some baked goods to anyone in need in our community.

Cape Fear Botanical Garden was awarded $10,000 for the Therapeutic Horticulture which addresses the immediate and ongoing healthcare issues through preventative and restorative therapeutic techniques.

Myrover Reese Homes was awarded $10,000 for the Independent Living Transition program for support and case management for the patients transitioning from the rehabilitation program at Myrover-Reese to independent living.

Stanton Hospitality House was awarded $5,000 for the Guest Assistance Program that provides complimentary guest rooms at the Stanton Hospitality House for patients and care caregivers in need of housing while receiving medical care. 

USO of NC was awarded $5,000 for the Warrior ReSet program which is an on-site heal, human service, and resiliency program focused on giving military leaders the hands-on training and tools to better lead and support their troops and themselves.

Vision Resource Center was awarded $10,000 for the Blind and Vision Impaired Program that would allow for an expansion of the Health and Wellness Program, providing more skills to help current limited vision clients navigate life

The CARE Clinic was awarded $10,000 to help host the NC Missions of Mercy Free Dental Clinic a free dental clinic, and provide hundreds of low-income, uninsured patients in our community with free dental services.


Endowments for the Arts

Terri Union and Carlos Zukowski Endowment for the Arts – Elaine M. and Johnny L. Bryant Family Fund

Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra was awarded  $3,000 for Symphony in Your Neighborhood which proposes to take small ensemble of musicians to perform concerts in various park facilities around Cumberland County to bring music out to regions of the county that currently do not receive arts activities nearby. 

Child Advocacy Center was awarded $900 for the Break the Chain of Child Abuse Art Contest in which children 18 years of age and younger residing in Cumberland County/Fort Bragg doing a visual work of art and also writing a brief essay about their work for prizes.

Fayetteville State University (Sweet Tea Shakespeare) was awarded $3,000 for audience outreach to provide funding for 1000 students and parents from underserved and minority populations to attend special productions of Paradise Lost/Saint Joan and Othello. Students and parents will also have the opportunity to attend an audition workshop and a chance to audition for Sweet Tea Shakespeare shows.


Women and Girls

The Terri Union Endowment for Women and Girls

Child Advocacy Center was awarded – $5,000 for the VOICES A program of self-discovery and empowerment for girls that focusing on the key components of celebrating strengths, safety, female mentors and role models, developing and supporting leadership skills, empowering girls to be forces for social change, media literacy, physical, sexual, and mental health information, cultural connections, and solidarity between girls and women.


Quality of Life

Raymond and Eleanor Manning Family Fund

Center for Economic Empowerment Development (CEED) was awarded $15,000 for the Lease to Home Housing Rehabilitation program. The goal of this program is for the client to attend set counseling sessions on a monthly or quarterly basis ultimately leading to the client being in a position to buy the home and become a homeowner.

Family Promise of Fayetteville NC was awarded $8,500 for the Just(us) Academy that is designed to introduce low income, homeless youth to career paths in areas to which they traditionally have had little to no positive exposure and to various employment opportunities in the court system field through study and direct interaction.

Greater Fayetteville United was awarded $20,000 for a Social Capital Survey that will provide the data needed to establish a benchmark and empower residents and local agencies to build stronger communities and strengthen community bonds.

Quality of Life Grants from Community Funds

Partnership for Children was awarded $20,000 for the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group Services which offers supportive services to grandparents that are raising their grandchildren in the home giving them the opportunity to meet others that are in a similar situation and serves as a means for them to learn about the different community resources available to them and their grandchildren.



Communities in Schools was awarded $50,000 for general support

Communities in Schools was awarded $57,000 to continue the use of the CIS program at Ireland Drive Middle and Lake Rim Elementary

District 7 Elementary School $22,000 for early intervention for reading on grade level using the Fast ForWord program.


Senior-Citizen Support

Cornelia “Neill” Bullock Wilkins Charitable Endowment Fund

Action Pathways was awarded $22,000 for the Weatherization Assistance Program Helping Hand Fund that provides home weatherization for seniors.  This fund also completes minor home repairs that often hinder weatherization of the home so the services can be provided.

Council on Older Adults was awarded $25,000 for Information and Referral Services designed to assist older adults, their families and others acting on behalf of older adults, in their efforts to acquire information about programs and services and to obtain appropriate services to meet their needs.

Mid-Carolina Council of Governments was awarded $27,500 for the Taxi Voucher Program for Cumberland County to fund a subsidized taxi voucher program for seniors and persons with disabilities, providing a limited number of trips each month for local residents 7 days per week and 24 hours per day.



Cornelia “Neill” Bullock Wilkins Charitable Endowment Fund

Action Pathways (Second Harvest) was awarded $13,500 for the Mobile Food Pantry School Program that would create school food pantries at three elementary schools with high levels of need by initiating a once-a-month mobile food pantry at each school.

Boys and Girls Club was awarded $25,000 for the SMART Moves program that teaches young boys and girls the dangers of alcohol, illicit drug usage, tobacco, and premarital sex.

Better Health of Cumberland County was awarded $25,000 for the Eat Smart, Move More for Youth-$125,000 over five years for the prevention of childhood obesity (awarded in 2013).



Brownie Dickson Shaefer Memorial Fund for Youth

Fayetteville Police Foundation was $840 for the Police Explorers Program which provide career education in basic law enforcement training for participants that have completed the 8th grade and between 14 and 17 years old.


Endowments for Children

Ervin and Helga Baer Family Fund – Dr. Richard S. Kelly, Jr. Memorial Fund – Macmillan Family Fund – Douglas R. and Pamella S. Moll Children’s Fund – Dr. and Mrs. Kurt Sachs Fund for Children

Child Advocacy Center was awarded $7, 890 for Child Abuse Education and educational materials that will be used in preschool prevention education that will better equip children and their parents to avoid, recognize, and/or report abuse.


Mary Lynn McCree Bryan Leadership Award

Cape Fear Regional Theatre in honor of Carole Goforth 


Endowment Partner Operating Support Grant

With grants of up to $10,000, the purpose is of this grant is to provide general operating support for organizations involved in an active endowment campaign.

Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra – $10,000


Lilly Endowment Endowment Challenge

Made possible by Community Grants and the Ashton W. Lilly Fund for Philanthropy, the following endowments will receive $1:$1 matching funds up to $50,000

Cape Fear Regional Theatre – $25,000 matching grant


Emerging Community Opportunity Grant

Action Pathways was awarded $5,500 for a Fayetteville-Area Nonprofit Conference which will create an opportunity for area nonprofits to collaborate with one another, learn new skills from outside resources and find new ways to help those we serve in our community.


Giving Together Community Challenge

Town of Linden – $10,000


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