Foundation Sponsored Funds

Some donors wish to add to an existing fund instead of creating their own. Foundation-sponsored funds support many important causes. Consider adding to one of these funds created by the foundation’s board to receive gifts of any size:

  • Community Endowment Fund
  • Community Scholarship Endowment
  • Community Endowment for Arts
  • Environmental Education and Assistance Endowment
  • Summertime Kids Endowment
  • Endowment for Health and Housing

The Community Endowment Fund
Founded in 1980 by Dr. Lucile Hutaff, you can make an impact and help us make life better for all in Cumberland County by giving to our Community Endowment Fund. We use this fund to address Cumberland County’s most significant needs. Your gifts to the Community Endowment Fund become part of a permanent endowment, which means they will help our community forever.

This general fund provides our board of directors with the flexibility to address Cumberland County’s most significant social, cultural, educational and environmental needs; respond quickly to emergencies; and facilitate innovative responses to community challenges.

The Community Scholarship Endowment Fund
Scholarship awards from the Community Scholarship Endowment Fund provide opportunities to attend college for local students. Recipients are often first generation college students or have significant financial need or other hardships.

The Summertime Kids Endowment Fund
This endowment changes lives of children by providing support for organizations that provide quality summer camp experiences to children in need each year. These programs prepare young children and teens for academic and social success in school and life. For more information click here. [add link to summertime kids website and / or video]

The Environmental Education and Assistance Fund
The Environment Education and Assistance Fund supports initiatives that preserve and protect the greater Cumberland area’s natural environment.

The Endowment for Arts
This endowment increases access to the arts and supports arts initiatives that engage the community.

The Endowment for Health and Housing
This endowment supports programs that provide people in need with access to the care and services they need and supports programs that provide safe and affordable housing to individuals and families.

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