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Nonprofit Endowments

Helping Our Nonprofit Partners

Cumberland Community Foundation has always accepted and managed endowments for local charitable organizations. In May 2010, we asked our local nonprofit leaders what they needed to build their own planned giving and endowment programs. Then, we designed our nonprofit training and endowment services around those needs and concerns. Today, we are working with over thirty individual charitable organizations to grow their endowments at Cumberland Community Foundation. 

Building Sustainable Support for Local Charitable Organizations

Cumberland Community Foundation is working with leading charitable organizations to help them grow their own endowment assets. Our goal is to sustain their important missions. 

These new endowment funds will support the nonprofit organizations designated by individual donors, forever. Gifts of any size are welcome. 

Nonprofit organizations may contact the foundation to learn more about how to start an endowment to support your mission.

Donors may call the foundation to learn more about supporting your favorite organization, forever, through a designated endowment you create or by giving to the agency's existing endowment fund(s).