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Women's Giving Circle

Current Focus Areas

Women's Giving Circle of Cumberland County - Current Focus Areas

Women's Giving Circle of Cumberland County's giving is intentional and is guided by research. We use research to educate our members and the community on problems that negatively impact our county’s women and children. Research also guides the focus areas selected for grant-making.

For 2019-2020, grants will be provided for the following focus areas:

Child abuse – Data for 2015-16 indicates that an estimated 6,632 children in Cumberland County were victims of abuse or neglect, resulting in a victimization rate of 76.99 per 1,000 children in the population compared to a state rate of 56.99.

Foster care - In 2016, Cumberland County had an average of 872 foster children, a 40% increase in five years. Nowhere in NC is the surge in foster care population more evident than in Cumberland County, which had the highest in the state. There is a shortage of foster care families.

Life skills - Programs that focus on financial literacy, career development, personal health and basic living skills.

Literacy - Improving literacy among all ages is needed.  The Women's Giving Circle of Cumberland County has highlighted reading proficiency by 3rd grade as a focus area for the past several years.  This focus will continue as data indicates that improvements are still needed.  Additionally, adult literacy programs will also be considered for grant support.