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Ways to Give

Give Now

Give Now

Consider a gift to an existing endowment or create your own endowment to support your favorite cause.

You have a variety of giving options. We accept many types of outright gifts including:

  • checks,
  • credit card gifts,
  • marketable securities,
  • real estate,
  • life insurance,
  • qualified charitable distributions ("QCDs") paid directly from your IRA to CCF (if you are 70.5 and older).

We may be able to help you maximize your giving and significantly reduce your capital gains when selling corporate stock, LLCs, and other noncash gifts.

Donate Stock or Other Marketable Securities

For convenient giving of stock and other securities, Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. has accounts at many major brokerage houses. Click here for downloadable instructions or call (910) 483-4449. 

Gifts of appreciated securities (stock, bonds, and most mutual funds) may provide special tax advantages, such as reducing or completely avoiding capital gains taxes. Check with your broker or financial advisor to choose the best securities to donate. 

Online Giving

You are just a click away from a quick gift via credit card. Click here to give now through our secure website.

Mail a Check

Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 2345
Fayetteville, NC 28302

Please make your check payable to "Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc." or "CCF" with the name of the fund to which you are giving noted in the check’s memo line. (It's ok if you don't know the whole fund name.  Just give us a hint and we will call you if there are any questions. Examples: "OIAM Endowment" or "Summertime Kids".)  If you want to create an endowment with your check, just attach a letter with your new fund's name. We will be in touch to discuss the charitable purpose and set it up. 

Real Estate

We welcome gifts of your real estate (a house or other personal residence, farm, commercial building, and income producing or non-income producing land). Often a gift of real estate you have owned for more than a year entitles you to special tax deductions. Check with your financial advisor to decide the best assets to donate. 

If you are tired of managing your income producing real estate but still want the income, you may consider donating it to a Charitable Remainder Trust that will pay you income for life or a period of years. You may name yourself, a spouse, family members, and friends as the "income beneficiaries." Once the trust terminates, the remaining assets in the trust will flow to Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. as an addition to your legacy endowment.

Ask your financial advisor what works best for you.

Life Insurance

Consider a gift of life insurance to CCF as an addition to any endowment fund. There are two easy ways to create your legacy: 

  • Name Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. (tax id 58-1406831) as the owner and beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy. You may receive an immediate tax deduction for the cash surrender value of the policy. Gifts payable to CCF may cover premium payments thereafter. The death benefit of the insurance policy may create a new fund that you designed or be added to an existing fund at Cumberland Community Foundation. 
  • Continue to own your policy and name Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. (tax id 58-1406831) as the beneficiary for all or a percentage of the death benefit. Or, name Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. as a contingent beneficiary in the event one of your beneficiaries pre-deceases you. 

It is easy. Just call us for an explanation of how it works.