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Grant Impact Areas

Grant Impact Areas

We award grants from our Community Funds (unrestricted and field-of-interest endowments) through a competitive application process. These endowments provide support for the most promising opportunities and greatest needs in the community at the discretion of the Foundation.

Our Community Grants fall into six strategic impact areas. Other applications will also be considered. The six impact areas are:

  • Growing Philanthropy and Local Giving – This includes endowment building for any charitable purpose, geographic outreach using matching grants, donor advised fund services, hosting of the Women’s Giving Circle of Cumberland County, professional advisor outreach (CLE training, one-on-one visits, targeted mailings), special project fundraising (Million Pounds, Sandhills State Cemetery Project), and 35th Anniversary Community Outreach Grants.
  • Growing Sustainable Support for Local Nonprofit Organizations – This includes the 2020 Development Goals, stewardship of nonprofit endowments, training on planned giving and endowment building, one on one donor development, matching grants through the Lilly Endowment Challenge, communications mini-grants, and Endowment Partner Operating Support Grants. *Click here to learn more about our nonprofit endowment building program.*
  • Increasing College Access and Affordability – This includes the CCF Scholarship Program (over $150k / year awarded) the Robert H. Short / CCF Scholars Program (over $500k/year awarded), and student / parent education on student debt and financial aid. *Click here to view the scholarship program information.*
  • Improving Education Outcomes – This includes improving high school graduation rates, increasing grade level reading by third grade, and growing parental involvement in children’s education.
  • Improving Quality of Life for All through support for:
    • Excellent and Accessible Arts, Recreation, and Culture
    • Healthy and Vital Community
    • Opportunities for Youth Development
    • Basic Needs for Vulnerable Populations
    • Safety and Quality of Life for Senior Citizens
    • Protecting Companion Animals
    • Environmental Protection and Education
  • Strengthening Local Nonprofit Organizations – This includes training opportunities for nonprofit staff and volunteers, office space, meeting space, the Mary Lynn McCree Bryan Leadership Award, and Community Grants for capacity building.

Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. Impact Report 2016/2017