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For Nonprofits

How to Apply

We have grant opportunities available from unrestricted funds throughout the year. To learn about what type of grants we have previously funded, click here

Our 2019 grant cycle has closed and we will be announcing our 2020 dates and timelines by the end of January 2020. 

Grants are available from Field-of Interest Endowment Funds for:

Healthy Community
Priority will be given to programs that:

Are evidence-based (scientifically proven)

Improve children's health

Support disease prevention (specifically STDs, chronic disease, and substance abuse)

Priority will be given to programs that:

Are evidence-based (scientifically proven)

Focus on Pre K through 3rd grade literacy (specifically tutoring)

Are delivered by educational institutions




Women and Girls 

Quality of Life

Innovative Projects for Community Progress

Grants are available from Unrestricted Endowment Funds for:

Programs that will improve the quality of life in Cumberland County, NC

Community-wide initiatives 

Projects that will leverage community resources for long term impact 

Innovative projects that will address community needs with long term solutions 

Grantseeker Information Meetings 

This meeting is designed to help nonprofit organizations learn about funding opportunities, eligibility, and application guidelines. The meeting includes a demonstration of the online grant application. Organizations are not required to attend; however, attendance is recommended. The 2020 schedule will be posted by the end of February 2020. 

All sessions are held at CCF, 308 Green Street, Fayetteville, NC.
(Parking and entrance are in the back.)

Registration is required.   

Eligibility for Community Grants   

Organizations must be located and provide services in Cumberland County, North Carolina.

Organizations must qualify as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1), (a)(2), or (a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or be a qualified unit of government which includes Native American tribal governments.

Organizations must not discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or religious beliefs.

Organizations must have met all reporting and communications requirements on previous Community Grants to be eligible to apply. 

Not Eligible for Community Grants

Organizations for re-granting purposes

Event sponsorship

Grants to individuals

Deficit budgets

Projects promoting political views

Scholarships (Check the scholarship program page of CCF) 

Faith organizations (This restriction applies only to Community Grants from unrestricted and field-of-interest endowments. Donors often support their churches or temples through their donor advised funds and designated endowment funds.) 

Priority will go to 501(c)3 charitable organizations with governing boards located in Cumberland County, NC that are managed according to the Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence published by the NC Center for Nonprofits.